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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2015; 3(3):225-231 |  Available online, October 10, 2015

Seed germination performance in Trigonella foenum-graecum L. under the influence of Gibberellic acid, Oxygenated Peptone and Vermiwash

Jagtap DK1*, Kashid LM1 and Jakhi PS 2

1Vidya Pratishthan’s Arts, Science and Commerce College, Vidyanagari, Baramati, Dist- Pune, MS, India

 2Depratment of Botany, Govt. Institute of Science, Nagpur, MS, India

 *Corresponding author E-mail:

Received: 10.08.2015   |   Revised : 18.08.2015  |   Accepted: 02.09.2015  | Published : 10.10.2015

Oxygenated peptones and Vermiwash are commonly used in organic farming practices. In the present investigation, experiments were carried out to study the influence of Gibberellic acid (50 ppm), Oxygenated peptone (1% aqueous) and Vermiwash (20%) on fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) var. early bunching during seed germination by using petri-plate method. Distilled water was considered as control. Oxygenated peptone and Vermiwash showed promontory effect on germination percentage. All three treatments stimulated vigour index and also showed enhancement in fresh and dry weights of root and shoot. Oxygenated peptone and Vermiwash showed supremacy in root length while GA treatment remarkably enhanced shoot length. Oxygenated peptone, Vermiwash and GA treatments showed significant improvement in the amount of total carbohydrates, soluble proteins and activities of enzymes like amylase, protease and catalase. The study revealed that Vermiwash, Oxygenated peptone and GA improve the process of germination with positive alteration in biochemical aspects. 


Keywords: Organic farming, Oxygenated peptone, Vermiwash, Gibberellic acid.


Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Jagtap DK, Kashid LM and Jakhi PS (2015) Seed germination performance in Trigonella foenum - graecum L. under the influence of Gibberellic acid, Oxygenated Peptone and Vermi- wash, Int. J. of Life Sciences, 3(3): 225-231.


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