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Dr. Santosh Pawar 


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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2015; 3(4):287-305 |  Available online, December 30, 2015

Effect of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes, plant densities and phosphous on productivity, nutrients uptake, soil fertility changes and economics in Central high lands o Ethiopia



Tekle Edossa Kubure1, Raghavaiah Cherukuri V 1* Chavhan Arvind2 and 

Ibrahim Hamza1

1Department of Plant sciences, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Ambo University,

P.O. Box 19, Ambo, Ethiopia, East Africa.

2Department of Zoology, D.B. College, Bhokar, SRTM Univerity, Nanded, Maharashtra, India-431801

*Corresponding author: Professor Cherukuri V Raghavaiah, Tel: 0933907158.


Received: 23.10.2015  |  Accepted: 06.12.2015  | Published : 30.12.2015

A field experiment was conducted at Ambo University research farm with the objective to determine the optimum P  rate and population densities in faba bean (Vicia faba l.) genotypes grown on vertisols. The treatments comprised three genotypes (Hachalu, Walki and Local), three spacings ( 30 cmx7.5 cm, 40 cmx5.0 cm and 60 cmx5.0 cm) and two phosphorus levels (0 kg p205/ha and 46 kg p205/ha,) which were laid out in a split- split plot design  with three replications. The results showed that the improved genotype, Walki (3,407 kg/ha) was comparable with Hachalu (3,037 kg/ha) and gave substantially greater seed yield than the local cultivar (2,833 kg/ha). Seeding at 44 plants/m2 resulted in substantially higher seed and biological yields (3,815 kg/ha and 7,894 kg/ha) than 50 plants/m2 (3,074 kg/ha and 6,570 kg/ha) and 33 plants/m2 (2,388 kg/ha and 4,696 kg/ha); although the harvest index was unaltered. Fertilization of faba bean with 46 kg p205/ha resulted in substantial increase in seed (3,531 kg/ha) and biological yields (7,172 kg/ha) over no fertilizer check (2,654 kg/ha seed and 5,602 kg/ha haulm yield). The harvest index tended to improve with p nutrition (49.7) over no phosphorus (47.4). Correlations worked between yield and growth and yield components showed a significant positive relation between seed yield and plant height at different stages, leaf area/plant, leaf area index, biological yield and seed yield/plant. Biomass yield is correlated with leaf area/plant, leaf area index, and plant height. Nutrient (np) removal of genotypes both in seed and haulm has been greater in Walki and Hachalu than in the local cultivar. The n removal in seed and haulm of Walki was 107 kg/ha and 58 kg/ha; and the corresponding removal of Hachalu was 95 kg/ha and 52 kg/ha; while that of the local cultivar was 89 kg/ha and 48 kg/ha. The n uptake in seed and haulm has been greater with 44 plants/m2 (120 kg/ha and 66 kg/ha) in comparison with 50 plants/m2 (97 kg/ha and 54 kg/ha) and 33 plants/m2 (75 kg/ha and 37 kg/ha). The uptake of p in seed and haulm increased with p application (11.3 kg/ha and 3.6 kg/ha) over no p-application (8.5 kg/ha and 2.7 kg/ha). In protein yield, Walki and Hachalu were better than the local variety. Maintaining 44 plants/m2 performed better than 50 and 33plants/m2. Application of 46 kgp2o5/ha out yielded no P check. Nutrient dynamics of soil after harvest of crop showed that there was an increase in soil N status ranging from 0.00 to 0.05 percent but a sharp decline in soil P and K contents after the crop harvest due to greater removal by the crop, which ranged from 4.03 to 4.27 ppm of P and 0.15 to 0.01 meq/100g of K. Economic analysis of the genotypes showed that Walki gave the highest net returns (ETB 29,642/ha) followed by Hachalu (ETB 24,827/ha) and the local cultivar (ETB 22,178/ha). Maintaining 44 plants/m2 gave higher net return (ETB 34,938/ha) than 50 plants/m2 (ETB 25,309/ha) and 33 plants/m2 (ETB 16,401/ha). Phosphorus fertilization resulted in a net return of ETB 31,247/ha compared with ETB 21,233/ha obtained with no phosphorus.


Keywords: Faba bean genotypes, plant densities, phosphorus nutrition, yield, nutrient removal, soil fertility changes, economics, vertisols.



Editor: Dr. Jadhao R.G.


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Tekle Edossa Kubure, Raghavaiah Cherukuri V Chavhan Arvind and Ibrahim Hamza (2015) Effect of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes, plant densities and phosphous on productivity, nutrients uptake, soil fertility changes and economics in Central high lands o Ethiopia, International J. of Life Sciences, 3(4): 



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