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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2016; 4(1):83-88 |  Available online, April 11, 2016

Estimation of Gallic acid, Rutin and Quercetin in Portulaca quadrifida L. – A potential wild edible plant by HPTLC method



Marathe Vishal R* and Umate Satish K 

Department of Botany, N.E.S. Science College, Nanded (MS), India

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Received: 08.02.2016   |   Revised: 05.03.2016   |   Accepted :15.03.2016   |   Published : 10.04.2016

HPTLC method was developed for the quantitative estimation of gallic acid, rutin and querecetin from methanolic extract of Portulaca quadrifida L. a potential wild edible plant. Precoated silica gel GF254 used as stationary phase and mobile phase for gallic acid was Toulene: Formic acid: Ethyl acetate: Methanol [3:3:8:2, V/V/V/V] and Mobile phase for rutin and querecetin was Ethyl Acetate: Formic acid: Glacial Acetic acid: Water [10:0.5:0.5:1.3, V/V/V/V]. Detection and quantification were performed densitometrically at wavelength λ 254. The Rf values of gallic acid, rutin and quercetin are 0.41, 0.19 and 0.94 respectively. The total peak areas of the standards (gallic acid, rutin and querecetin) and the corresponding peak areas of extract were compared and the gallic acid, rutin and quercetin content were estimated to be 790.9, 2029.7 and 4326.0.

Keywords: HPTLC, Nutraceuticals, Portulaca quadrifida Wild Edible Plant


Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Marathe Vishal R and Umate Satish K (2016) Estimation of Gallic acid, Rutin and Quercetin in Portulaca quadrifida L. – A potential wild edible plant by HPTLC method. International J. of Life Sciences, 4(1): 83-88.



The authors thankful to Dr. D. U. Gawai, Principal, NES Science College, Nanded for providing laboratory facilities and Dr. D. M. Jadhav, prof in-charge of Central Instrumentation Laboratory, for HPTLC facility.


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