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Dr. Santosh Pawar 




Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2016; 4(2):227-234 |  Available online,July 23, 2016

Anatomical and Phytochemical study of plant parts of Butea monosperma (Lamk.) Taub.



Gupta Pooja1*, Chandra Naresh2 and Bhot Meeta3


1Department of Botany, Birla College, 2Principal, Birla College, 3Associate Professor, Department of Botany

1,2,3Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan (W), Maharashtra 421304.

*Corresponding author



Received: 31.03.2016   |    Accepted: 10.06.2016   |   Published : 23.07.2016

The plant kingdom is a treasure house of potential drugs and in the recent years there has been an increasing awareness about the importance of medicinal plants. Drugs from the plants are easily available, less expensive, safe and rarely have side effects. The plants which have been selected for medicinal use over thousands of years constitute for examining the current search for therapeutically effective new drugs such as anticancer drugs, antimicrobial drugs, anti-hepatotoxic compounds. Butea monosperma (Lamk.) Taub. is one such medicinal plant commonly known as palas (Flame of the forest) belonging  to  the  family  Fabaceae distributed throughout India.It is imperative that any crude drug for pharmacological use, needs to be subjected to scrutiny for botanical identity. The role of anatomical and phytochemical analysis is sought at this juncture to provide a set of diagnostic features of the plant which will help to a considerable extent to ascertain the botanical identification of the drugs. The present study has been carried out to determine the anatomical, phytochemical screening and HPTLC finger printing analysis of different parts of Butea monosperma (Lamk.) Taub. was carried out for crude drug identification and for standardization of the quality.

Keywords: Butea monosperma, anatomy, herbal medicine, morphological study, microscopical study, phytochemical study



Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Gupta Pooja, Chandra Naresh and Bhot Meeta (2016) Anatomical and Phytochemical study of plant parts of Butea monosperma (Lamk.) Taub, International J. of Life Sciences, 4(2): 227-234.




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