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Dr. Santosh Pawar 




Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2016; 4(2):285-288 |  Available online,July 23, 2016

Phytochemical Screeningin E. setifolia (A. Rich) Raynal, Ethnomedicinal Plant from Bhandara District Maharashtra



Bhaisare Manmohan S1* and Kunjalwar SG2,3


1Department of Botany, Late. Nirdhan Patil Waghaye Science College Lakhani, Dist- Bhandara [M.S]

2 Department of Botany, N.A. Art, Com. and Smt. M.H. Wegad Science College Umred Dist. Nagpur (M.S.)

3Hislop College Nagpur.

* Corresponding Author email Contact - (+91) 9764771220 


Received: 02.05.2016  |   Accepted: 15.06.2016   |  Published : 23.07.2016

Phytochemical investigation of traditionally used Medicinal Plant is Thus Valuable on two levels, Firstly as a source of potential chemotherapeutic drug andsecondly as a measure of safety for the continued use of medicinal plant. The whole plant, Eleocharis setifolia,(A.Rich) Raynal which are used as traditional folk medicine for the treatment of dysentery, bowel disorder and inflammatory diseases. Eleocharis setifolia (A.Rich) Raynal contain, alkaloid, Steroids, Flavonoids, terpens, which includes sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. This paper explain the evidence based information regarding the pharmacological activity of this plant. It has many uses as pollution abetment and is medicinally used in traditional Ayurveda system.


Key word: Ethanomedicine, Ayurveda, Photochemistry, Eleocharis setifolia.(A.Rich) Raynal.



Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Bhaisare Manmohan S and Kunjalwar SG (2016) Phytochemical Screeningin E. setifolia (A. Rich) Raynal, Ethnomedicinal Plant from Bhandara District Maharashtra, International J. of Life Sciences, 4(2): 285-288.



With the sense of high resolve, the authors wish to express grateful thanks to the great advisor Dr. K. M. Kulkarni (Former DE, Higher Education, Pune), the bird watcher and local expert M. H. Deshmukh who helped and supported for completion of this research paper during this study. Also the authors very much thanks to the forest and irrigation departments, Gondia to grant the permission for this research.



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