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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2016; 4(3):401-411   |    Available online, November 3, 2016

Avifaunal diversity in and around Chargaon Dam (Warora) District Chandrapur (M.S.) India.



Bawaskar Kiran S1*., Khate  Dinesh2 and Wazalwar  Sachin3

1Department of Chemistry Narasamma Hirayya college , kiran nagar , Amravati 444601

2Behind State Bank colony, Infront of Biyani petrol pump, Tadoba road Tukum, Chandrapur 442401
3Department of Applied chemistry, Rajiv Gandhi College of engineering Research & Technology Chandrapur 442401

*Corresponding author email:

Received: 21.09.2016   |   Accepted: 05.10.2016    |    Published : 03.11.2016

This paper deals with the community of birds in and around Chargaon dam Warora district Chandrapur Maharashtra state India. It is situated at coordinate  20.3944526°N 79.1757202°E district of Maharashtra India. In present no data pertaining to avifaunal diversity of this region is available, so that we were decided to prepare a checklist of birds. The observation was carried out throughout year from April 2012- April 2016 in and around Chargaon dam. The study revealed a total 196 species of birds belonging to the 64 families and 19 orders of which 139 Species were resident 17 Migratory residents 38 winter migratory 1 breeding migratory and 1 species were passage migrant.


Key Words: Avifauna, Chargaondam, Checklist, diversity, Migrant, Resident.



Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Bawaskar Kiran S, Khate  Dinesh and Wazalwar  Sachin (2016) Avifaunal diversity in and around Chargaon Dam (Warora) District Chandrapur (M.S.) India, International J. of Life Sciences, 4 (3): 401-411.




Authors are thankful to Dr. Sachin Wazalwar Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Applied chemistry, Rajiv Gandhi college of Engineering, Research & Technology, Chandrapur In his continuous inspiration and support. Also thankful to Krishna Khan & Sanket Kolhe for their valuable support to us. Sincerely thankful to the birder friends of Chandrapur Vicky Petkar, Wandeep Rode, Nikhil Zade, Swapnil Karekar, Prasad Chatte, Chetan Saw and Shailesh Upre.  


Conflicts of interest: The authors stated that no conflicts of interest.


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