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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2017; 5(1):1-9  |    Available online, 31 March, 2017

Acute volar Wrist Injuries: Evaluation, Management and Rehabilitation



Hegazy Mogahed Altamimy1*,  Essam Ali Taman2,Walied khereba3, Sami Abdulhakim Mustafa1,

Abdulaziz Mustafa1 and Ahmed Abdelmoniem Negm1                                                                                                        

1Physical medicine and rehabilitation, 2Plastic surgery, 3Vascular surgery, Al Azhar University, Cairo.

*Corresponding author: Hegazy megahed Altamimy, MD. Assistant professor of physical medicine,

Rheumatology and Rehabilitation; AlAzhar University, Cairo.

Received: 23.02.2017 | Accepted: 01.03.2017 | Published : 31.03.2017

Volar wrist injuries constitute a unique surgical challenge. Our aim was to evaluate early, safety and efficacy of multidisplinary team in evaluation and management of acute volar wrist injuries with good rehabilitation program and return to work after trauma. 15 patients with acute volar wrist injuries from March 2013 to April 2015 at Al Azhar university Hospital. Hand functions were grouped as excellent, good, fair & poor. Nerve injury is tested using both sensory and motor components while assessment of the hand and fingers vascularity is carried out by clinical study, pulse oximeter and hand held Doppler. All cases were followed up in first postoperative year for vascularity, sensation and functions of the hand. 15 patients over a period of a two year of clinical follow up with rehabilitation program, there was marked reduction in morbidity and mortality with satisfactory significant hand functions and no ischemia, neuroma or tendon ruptures were observed during the follow-up period.  


Key words: Volar wrist injuries, Evaluation, Management, Rehabilitation.



Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Hegazy Mogahed Altamimy,  Essam Ali Taman, Walied khereba, Sami Abdulhakim Mustafa, Abdulaziz Mustafa and Ahmed Abdelmoniem Negm  (2017) Acute volar Wrist Injuries: Evaluation, Management and Rehabilitation, International J. of Life Sciences, 5  (1): 1-9.



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