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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2017; 5(1):111- 113    |    Available online, 11 April, 2017

Physico-chemical characteristics of Jurala reservoir

Pushpalatha JK and Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson*


Department of Botany, Limnology laboratory, Osmania university college for women, Koti, Hyderabad-500195,Telangana,India

*Corresponding author: Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson 

Received: 05.01.2017   |   Accepted: 22.03.2017    |      Published : 11.04.2017

G The present investigation attempts to the study the physico- chemical properties of Jurala reservoir, dist. Mahaboobnagar Telangana. It is medium size reservoir across the river krishna for fisheries and agriculture. The physico-chemical parameters like temperature, PH and dissolved oxygen have been studied. The seasonal variations in the above environmental parameters were followed for a period of one year from September b2014 to September 2015.


Key words:  Physico- chemical conditions, seasonal variations, reservoir.


Editor: Dr. Arvind Chavhan


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Pushpalatha JK and Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson (2017) Physico-chemical characteristics of Jurala reservoir International J. of Life Sciences, 5 (1): 111-113.



The authors are thankful to the Head, Department of Botany, Osmania university College for Woman,Koti,Hyderabad for the facilities given .J.K.Pushpalatha is thankful to her guide prof. Mary Esther Cynthia for her constant help and encouragement



Conflicts of interest: The authors stated that no conflicts of interest.



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