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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2017; 5(2): 264-268             |        Available online, July 07, 2017

Biodiesel fuel production from algae oil using crude enzyme of newly isolated Aneurinibacillus migulanus strain


Chavan Dhanpal


Department of microbiology ACS College Gangakhed, Maharashtra 431514 India


Received: 01.05.2017    |     Accepted: 29.06.2017    |      Published :07.07.2017

Biodiesel is a green fuel and can be used as a blend with diesel or alone. It is a biodegradable and contains less CO2 and NOx. Biodiesel can be produced from many renewable resources like vegetable oil, fatty acids and algae oils. Oils can be used as feed stock for biodiesel production. Biodiesel can be produced through a transesterification reaction. Transesterification can be carried out using alkali based catalyst or enzymes based catalyst. Enzymes based catalyst has more advantages’ than alkali based catalyst. In the present investigation was undertaken to transesterified crude algae oil with novel bacterial enzyme under optimized condition, The molar ratio of methanol to crude oil was 3:1 proportion and the reaction temperature was maintained at 400c and 150 rpm for 5hr reaction time.Product of reaction were analyzed using FTIR and GCMS, biodiesel were identified, and physicochemical properties of biodiesel were compared with standard, this study revealed that microalgae oil can be source of potential biofuel production.


Keywords: Algae oil, crude enzymes, biodiesel, transesterification.



Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan


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Chavan Dhanpal (2017) Biodiesel fuel production from algae oil using crude enzyme of newly isolated Aneurinibacillus migulanus strain; International J. of Life Sciences, 5  (2): 264-268. 


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