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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2017; 5(4): 683-686          |                 Available online, December 31, 2017

Relative abundance, borer density and infection percentage of maize stem borers (Chilo partellus) of Indore district of M.P., India

Aziz RU, Gaherwal S* and  Sameena



Department of Zoology, Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore (M.P.), India

*Corresponding author: S. Gaherwal,*Email:


Received: 13.09.2017   |     Accepted: 15.12.2017    |    Published : 31.12.2017

Field experiments were conducted to determine the distribution of stem borers (Chilo partellus) in four agro-ecological zones of Indore district of M. P. Our study evaluated that of the various insect pests attacking cereals crops in Indore, lepidopteran stem borer, Chilo partellus are by far the most injurious causing maize yield losses. Severe damage is caused by the larvae that feed on the plant from early stage up to maturity causing a devastating impact on maize yield. Their distribution follows a define pattern with Chilo partellus dominating and is most abundant and widely distributed species occurring at all sites. C. partellus distribution is highly influenced by altitude and moisture gradients. Present study was an attempt to evaluate the status of economically important cereal stem borers with emphasis on their distribution, borer density and percent infestation.

Keywords: Stem borer species, Chilo partellus, agro-ecological zones, relative abundance, borer density.


Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan


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Aziz RU, Gaherwal S and  Sameena (2017) Relative abundance, borer density and infection percentage of maize stem borers (Chilo partellus) of Indore district of M.P., India; International J. of Life Sciences, 5 (4): 683-686. 


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