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Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2018; 6(2): 544-548      |                 Available online, April 26, 2018

Physico chemical analysis of Aquarium water and Narmada River water 

Banerjee Suchitra1, Vyas Rashmi2 and Tomar Anita1


1Govt. Excellence College, Bhopal (M.P.), India  

2Govt. S.B.S. College, Ashta (M.P.)  India


Received : 11.03.2018   |    Accepted : 21.04.2018 | Published : 26.04.2018

Water sample of The Narmada River, from Dongarwada region has been physiochemically evaluated for its suitability for domestic and irrigation purposes. In Physical and Chemical Parameters Such as Temperature, pH, T.D.S., Alkalinity, Total hardness, Dissolve Oxygen, B.O.D., C.O.D. And chloride was analyzed in the laboratory. The Physico Chemical parameters of water were determined as per standard methods of APHA (2005). The results indicate that the Narmada River water quality is suitable and safe for domestic and irrigation purposes. The objective of this paper is to study various water pollutants available in The Narmada River followed by a literature review.


Key words: Physico-chemical analysis, Narmada river, Dongarwada village.



Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan


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Banerjee Suchitra, Vyas Rashmi and Tomar Anita (2018) Physico chemical analysis of Aquarium water and Narmada River water, Int. J. of. Life Sciences, Volume 6(2): 544-548. 


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