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Dr. Santosh Pawar 




Int. Journal of Life Sciences, 2018; 6(3): 779-782      |                 Available online, September 29, 2018

Studies on  ethnomedicines and  antibacterial  activities  of flower  and fruit  extract   of  Martynia annua L. from  Kinwat forest

Shinde SR


Department of Botany, Baliram Patil Arts, Commerce and Science College Kinwat, Dist. Nanded (MS), 431 804

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Received :12.07.2018    |    Accepted : 18.09.2018        |       Published : 28.09.2018

Ethnomedicinal  survey  of Kinwat forest  has been  conducted  during  2016-2017. It has  been  found that  Martynia  annua plant  species  is used by  local  traditional  practitioners in human  health  care on pneumonia  in childrens particularly  in  infants.  The present paper focused on ethnomedicinal use  and the antibacterial  activities  of the  plant  against  some human pathogenic  bacteria.


Key words:  Ethnomedicine, antibacterial activity,  M.annua,  Kinwat forest.



Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan


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Shinde SR (2018) Studies on ethnomedicines and  antibacterial  activities  of flower  and fruit  extract   of Martynia annua L. from  Kinwat forest, Int. J. of. Life Sciences, Volume 6(3): 779-782.



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