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   Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 1 | Page Nos. 11-16


Renal morphology of postnatal suckling of Hipposideros speoris (Schnider), Chiroptera; Mammalia

Patil Kishor Gopal

Department of Zoology, Government Institute of Science, R. T. Road, Civil Lines,

Nagpur, (M.S.) India- 440001.
Address for Correspondance: 54, Old Jagruti Colony, Katol Road, Nagpur 4400013, M.S.) India.
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Morphologically the kidneys of postnatal sucklings of leaf nosed bat Hipposederos speoris having body weight 6.5g show variation in shape. The right kidney is broader at the anterior pole and narrower at the posterior. Both the right and left kidneys are compressed dorsoventrally which gives an edged appearance at the hilar side. The kidneys are differentiated into a thin cortex, a thick medulla which is further divided into an outer and an inner zone. The papilla is conical, thick and long and protrudes outside the kidney, into the ureter through the wide hilus. The calyx separates the papilla from other cortico-medullary components.
Histologically the renal tubules can be differentiated into the Bowman’s capsules, the proximal and distal convolutated tubules in the cortex. The medulla comprises the network of large collecting tubules and the very narrow loops of Henle with lumen. In the large papilla collecting ducts with wide lumen open into the wide calyx; few collecting tubules and the thin loop of Henle are also observed in the papilla.