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ISSN: 2320-964X (Online) 

ISSN: 2320-7817  (Print)

Type - Quarterly 


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Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 1 | Page Nos. 37-41


Morphological Studies on the Lingual papillae with special reference to Circumvallate papillae of Insectivorous Bat Taphozous longimanus (Dobson) Emballonuridae Chiroptera.

Ramteke Asha V.1, Zade Suresh B.2 and Patil Kishor G.3*


¹Department of Zoology, Seth Kesarimal Porwal College, Kamptee, Nagpur. India.
²Post Graduate Teaching Department of Zoology, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. India.
³Department of Zoology, Government Institute of Science, R T Road, Civil Lines Nagpur- 440001
(M.S.) India.

*Corresponding Author Address: Dr. K.G. Patil, 54, Old Jagruti Colony, Katol Road, Nagpur- 4400013, (M.S.) India.
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Investigations were carried out on the morphology, structural arrangement, location and the numbers of the lingual papillae in Emballinurid microchiropteran bat, Taphozous longimanus with special reference to gustatory circumvallate papillae, using light microscope. The anterior tip of tongue was pointed and three types of lingual papillae covered the dorsal surface of tongue i.e. tricuspid filiform papillae on the anterior region, gustatory fungiform and two circumvallate papillae are arranged on the smooth root of the tongue (posterior side). The the number of the circumvallate papillae are strongly adapted to feeding behavior i.e. insectivorous feeding habits.