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Original Research

   Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 3 | Page Nos. 207-215


A study on seasonal variation of physico-chemical properties in some freshwater lotic ecosystems in Gadchiroli District Maharashtra

Bhandarkar SV1* and Bhandarkar WR2*

1*Department of Zoology, M.B. Patel College, Deori, Dist. Gondia. 441 901, MS

2*Centre for Higher Learning and Research in Zoology, N. H. College, Bramhapuri, 

   Chandrapur, 441 206, MS

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In the present investigation an attempt was made for assessment of Seasonal Variation in Physico-chemical properties in three different lotic ecosystems in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra during the year 2006 and 2007. The study reveals that most of the properties of all the sites show moderate variation in their concentration for all seasons. All the three sites have more or less similar ecological status. The site-I and site-II have greater nutrient concentration. The region of the site-I and site-II are somewhat disturbed by the anthropogenic activities while site-III with less or undisturbed by the same. Having a glimpse of values of physico-chemical properties such as BOD, COD, Nitrate, Phosphate, Alkalinity, DO, Free CO2 etc. disclosed that all the three ecosystems under investigation are mildly polluted.


Received : July 13, 2013 

Revised: August 5, 2013

Final Accepted: September 5, 2013

Date of Online Before Print: September 25, 2013


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