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Original Research

   Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 3 | Page Nos. 221-225


A new petrified unilocular fruit from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Jamsavli M.P. India

Meshram SM1, Narkhede SD2 and Bhowal M3


1 Department of Botany, M.B. Patel College Deori. Dist. Gondia. 441 901. MS

2 Department of Botany, Government Science College Garchiroli

3 Head, Department of Botany, Hislop College Nagpur.


*Corresponding author email:



A well preserved dicot fruit was collected from Jamsavli (Lat 21°, 30' to 22°, 55'N and Long 78°, 15 to 79°, 20 E) in Chhindwara District, M.P.  The fruit is hexagonal shape, without stalk. The fossil fruit is unilocular and is characterized by presence of uniitegmic seed. The fruit is capsular and indehiscent. The fruit though shows some characters of the present day families like Amaranthaceae, Sapindaceae, Meliaceae, Menispermaceae, Tiliaceae, Burseraceae. It has close affinities with the members of the family Tiliaceae. It could not conclusively be traced to any particular genus but it broadly placed under Tiliaceae.


Received : July 29, 2013 

Revised: August 6, 2013

Final Accepted: August 30, 2013

Date of Online Before Print: September 25, 2013


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