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Original Research

   Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 4 | Page Nos. 278-283


An ethnozoological studies and medicinal values of vertebrate origin in the adjoining areas of Pench National Park of Chhindwara District of  Madhya Pradesh, India



Neelima Bagde1* and Shampa Jain2

1Department of Zoology, R.S. Govt. Girls College, Chhindwara, MP, India

2Department of Zoology, Govt. Model Science College, Jabalpur, MP, India

*Corresponding Author Email-



This paper documents zootherapeutic practices in adjoining area of Pench National Park of Chhindwara district. The ethnozoological study was mainly conducted in the villages surrounding the Park area. It is primarily based on field survey carried out in villages, where dwellers provided information on animal species used as medicine, body parts used to prepare the remedies, and the illnesses to which the remedies were prescribed. The document tribes and rural involved in using animal parts as medicines. The animal parts namely- blood, excreta, urine, feather, fat, hair, spins, skin, flesh, bones, secretions, shell etc. were used in raw or cooked forms for the treatment of burn, fracture, sunstroke, pneumonia, rheumatism, asthma, drug addiction, antidote, fever, acidity, fit, cough and cold, tuberculosis, ear pain, allergy, diabetes, jaundice, impotency, diarrhea and dysentery, cataract, paralysis, leprosy, goiter, wound, whooping cough, stomachache, back pain. A total of 30 animal species were recorded and they are used for 41 kinds of different ethno medical purposes. Fauna is the cheapest way for cure of various health disorders.


Received : July 15, 2013 

Revised: August 05, 2013

Final Accepted: November 15, 2013

Date of Online Before Print: December 30, 2013


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