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Original Research

   Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 4 | Page Nos. 308-312


Ichthyofaunal diversity, fisheries and its conservation In Itiadoh Dam Reservoir District Gondia. Maharashtra


Paliwal GT1*, Bhandarkar SV2  and Bhandarkar WR3


1Dept of Zoology, S. S. Jaiswal College, Arjuni/Mor, Dist. Gondia, MS, India

2Dept of Zoology, M. B. Patel College, Deori, Dist. Gondia MS, India

3Centre for higher learning & Research, N. H. College, Bramhapuri, Dist. Chandrapur MS, India

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The study has been conducted to assess the fish biodiversity profile in one of the largest reservoir in Gondia district; literally there is no report on the fish biodiversity in this reservoir. Authors have tried to document fish biodiversity. The population of fishes is found in abundance and majority of the fishes are exploited for human consumption. About 35 fish species belonging to 6 order and 16 families were recorded during study. The major carps, common carps, cat fishes and eel fishes are abundant. The sustainable management and utilization of this water resource is discussed for diversity, fisheries and its conservation.


Received : August 30, 2013 

Revised Received: November 02, 2013

Final Accepted: December 15, 2013

Date of Online Before Print: December 30, 2013


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