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  Year 2013 |  Vol. 1 | Issue 2 | Page Nos. 158-160



Effect of EMS (Ethyl Methane Sulfonate) on Seed Germination, Seedling Height and Seedling Injury in Withania somnifera, (L.) Dunal


1Department of Botany, A.C.S College, Narayangaon, Junnar, Pune, India

2Department of Botany, Fergusson College, Pune. India.

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Withania somnifera, Dunal. belongs to family Solanaceae. It is also known as Ashwagandha or Indian Genseng. Withanolides are constituents of roots of Ashwagandha. Withanolide is the major constituent with appreciable quantity of Withanone and traces of Withaferin-A. In Ayurvedic literature, is a “Rasayana” or rejuvenating drug and hence also traditionally known as Avarada which suggests the application of this plant for enhancing longevity. The seeds of Withania somnifera, Dunal. var somnifera were selected and used for following investigations. The healthy, dry and uniform seeds were treated with EMS at different conc. like 0.05 %, 0.075 %, 0.10 % and 0.125 %. Germination parameters like germination percentage, seedling height and seedling injury were studied. Germination percentage in control was 82 %. Germination percentage revealed gradual decrease from lower conc. to higher doses in given treatments of EMS. It was 78 %, 72 %, 59 % and 57 % at 0.05 %, 0.075 %, 0.10 % and 0.125 % respectively. In case of seedling height indicated dose dependent deduction after treatment of EMS. In EMS treated seeds seedling height was in the range 1.86 cm, 1.79 cm, 1.73 cm and 1.75 cm and seedling injury varied from 2.10 %, 5.78 %, 8.9 % and 7.8 %. In conclusion it can be said that use of chemical mutagens has succeeded in inducing M1 Biological parameters.

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