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Volume 6 Issue 2 April-June 2018

Page no. 301 -652

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IJLSCI Vol. 6(3) July-September 2018

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15 May, 2018

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    Original Articles

    Prevalence and physiologic races of wheat leaf rust in Tigray, Ethiopia Tesfay
    Gebrekirstos Gebremariam
    Abstract View in PDF                 301-310 

    Faunal Diversity of CSIR-NEERI campus, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
    Bawaskar Kiran*, Haldar Ruchita and Kosankar Sharda
    Abstract  View in PDF                  311-325

    Assessment of contamination levels and characterization of Aflatoxin B1 producing Aspergillus flavus strain from food and feed samples from local markets of south India

    Manjunatha AS*, Manjunath K and Mohana DC
    Abstract  View in PDF                  326-334

    Evaluation of antibacterial activity of Jatropha curcus seed oil
    Pattabhiramaiah Mahesh and Ojha Kaushiki
    Abstract       View in PDF     335-342  

    Trout culture in Himachal Pradesh: Problems and Prospects
    Thakur Pushpa, Gupta Pankaj and Sharma Vijay Kumar
    Abstract    View in PDF                343-352

    Histochemical studies of the rhizome of Alpinia galanga L. willd.
    Maya C and Naveen Kumar SP
    Abstract  View in PDF                  353-356

    An exploration of species composition of vertebrate fauna of Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, Central India
    Shrivastava Vineet K, Hore Upamanyu, Kala Jagdish C, Srivastava Arpita

    Abstract    View in PDF                  357-364

    Comparative study of effect of prescribe fire on fungal distribution in Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand India
    Dhiman Pooja, Singh Padma, Mehta JP, Kumari Sharesth, Shafi Snober
    Abstract   View in PDF                 365-370 

    Impact of non-timber forest products on Forest and in Livelihood Economy of the People of Adjoining Areas of Jalpaiguri Forest Division, West Bengal, India

    Sarkar Anup Kumar, Dey Manas and Mazumder Mallika
    Abstract     View in PDF               365-385

    Comparative ultrastructure study on the sperm morphology of two grapsid crabs

    Thanamalini R, Shyla Suganthi A and Ganapiriya V

    Abstract     View in PDF               386-393

    Purification and Characterization of A Novel CGTase from Alkaliphilic Bacillus species isolated from Lonar lake , India
    Shinde VA, Patil RB and Pawar PV
    Abstract      View in PDF              394-398

    Comparative foliar micro morphological studies on some Tephrosia Pers. species of Indian Thar Desert
    Vandana and Deora GS
    Abstract     View in PDF               399-408

    A study of seasonal variations in zooplankton diversity of Pagara dam of Morena district, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Sharma Dushyant Kumar and Uchchariya Rakhi
    Abstract View in PDF               409-414

    Effect of temperature on oxygen consumption and metabolic rate in Puntius sophore (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822)
    Rama Rao K and Vinod Kumar M
    Abstract View in 415-419

    Isolation and Purification of antibacterial proteins from hemolymph of Marine gastropods dwelling at rocky shores of Kanyakumari, Southeast coast of India

    Sharmin Vini S, Viju N, Ezhil Raj N and Mary Josephine Punitha S
    Abstract View in 420-426

    Evaluation of phytochemicals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activity of fresh leaf and flower extracts of Tagetes erecta L. grown in Kalaburagi
    Rathod Manjula A and Mathad Pratima
    Abstract View in PDF               427-433

    Exploring the industrially important extracellular enzymes from different nematode-trapping fungi
    Authors: Kunjadia Anju, Darji Nikita, Patel Babulal and Pandit Ramesh
    Abstract View in 434-440

    Bacteriophage therapy for treating multiple-drug resistant urinary tract pathogen, Escherichia coli
    Authors: Rima Das, Anusha Balasingh and Anupama R
    Abstract    View in PDF  441-445

    Studies and synthesis of new drugs formed with fluoroquinolones and metal ions
    Authors: Kumar Ajay
    Abstract View in PDF  446-452

    Alterations in the acid phosphatase activity of freshwater fish cirrhinus mrigala exposed to organic solvent methanol
    Desai TH and Bhilave MP
    Abstract View in PDF  453-456

    Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in four species of genus Copera of family Platycnemididae (Odonata: Zygoptera) from India
    Walia Gurinder Kaur and Devi Monika
    Abstract View in PDF  457-461

    Microbiome analysis from Russell Viper found in western part of Madhya Pradesh, India
    Lodha Minal and Ishaque Shehla
    Abstract View in PDF  462-465

    Fish-Oil Finishing Diets: A strategy to recover long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in Fish previously fed alternative dietary lipids
    Authors: Baweja Sonu
    Abstract View in PDF   466-472

    Physico-chemical parameters analysis from different stations of Nagthana dam in Warud Taluka in Amravati district. (M. S.)
    Authors: Topale PS and Jadhao RG
    Abstract View in PDF   473-476

    Polymorphism of Cytochrome P450 epoxygenase and its association with Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
    Gopal Sowjenya 1, Durgaprasad Rajasekhar , Velam Vanajakshamma, PVLN Srinivasa Rao, PVGK Sarma
    Abstract View in PDF   477-486

    Evaluation of maturity parameters of vermicomposts prepared from different bio-degradable wastes
    Shanthi K
    Abstract View in PDF 487-493

    The impact of sewage water on growth promotion and yield in wheat crop plants in Bilaspur city (C.G) India
    Tewari Uttara, Bahadur AN and Soni Prerna
    Abstract View in PDF 494-499

    Venerid Clam fishery from Kalbadevi estuary, Maharashtra
    Sundaram Sujit, Mane Sushant and Sugumar Ram Kumar
    Abstract View in PDF 500-506

    Periphyton assemblages and diversity in a major flash flood exposed Himalayan river Mandakini of Uttarakhand, India
    Goswami Gunjan and Singh Deepak
    Abstract View in PDF  507-516

    AM Fungal Diversity in selected medicinal trees of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai, India
    Sunita Chahar and Shweta Belose
    Abstract View in PDF 517-522

    Folklore medicine of primitive tribals in Dumbriguda Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Satyavathi K and Padal SB
    Abstract View in PDF 523-528

    Species Diversity and Ecology of Drosophilids (Diptera: Drosophilidae) of Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir, India
    Mohd Zahier Khan*, Asha Bhardwaj, and Rajendra Singh Fartyal
    Abstract View in PDF 529-535 

    Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Awareness among College Students of Kota City
    Neerja Shrivastava

    Abstract View in PDF 536-539

    A simple and reliable method for obtaining monoconidial culture and storage of Magnaporthe oryzae
    Jagadeesh D, Prasanna Kumar MK and Devaki NS
    Abstract View in PDF    540-543 

    Physico chemical analysis of Aquarium water and Narmada River water
    Banerjee Suchitra, Vyas Rashmi and Tomar Anita
    Abstract View in PDF    544-548 

    Fishery and behaviour of banana prawn, Fenneropenaeus merguiensis (de Man,1888) around Mumbai waters
    Sushant Mane, Deshmukh VD and Sujit Sundaram
    AbstractView in PDF   549-556 

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis prevalence in Suburbs of Mumbai – A Case Study
    Shah Rupal, Shah Ajay and Chunduri Jayaprada Rao
    AbstractView in PDF 557-562 

    Evaluation of Phytochemical compounds by TLC and FT-IR analysis of Cipadessa baccifera (Roth) Miq. and Elytraria acaulis (L.f) Lindau
    Jeevitha DS, Manjunath Kiragandur, Manjunath AS
    AbstractView in PDF 563-568 


    Anti-inflammatory potential of flavonoids from Hemigraphis colorata
    Shahid Adangampurath and Sudheesh sudhakaran*
    AbstractView in PDF569-574

    A study of effect of Physico-chemical parameters on biodiversity of Diatoms special Reference to Navicula in river Narmada at Harda, M.P. India
    Bourasi Sunil Kumar, Singh SD, Patil Pramod and Rathor Pawan
    AbstractView in PDF 575-578

    Taxonomy, phytochemistry, pharmacology and traditional uses of Flueggea virosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) Royle: A Review
    Renu, Satya Narain, Archana Rawat, Jaswinder Kaur, Santosh Kumar and Nahid Fatima

    AbstractView in PDF 579-585

    A Review on Aerial Display, Nest site selection, Nest Defense, Courtship display, Copulation, Parental care: key events of vultures during Breeding, threats and Management
    Yadav Ruby, Adesh Kumar and Amita Kanaujia
    AbstractView in PDF 586-604

    Study on human-macaque conflict in the Hosanagara taluk of Shivamogga district, Karnataka
    Authors: Vijaya Kumara and Lewis Diandra
    AbstractView in PDF 605-614

    Selective comparison of repellent activity with Contact toxicity of certain essential oils against different insect orders
    Aravind Gopal and Benny PJ
    AbstractView in PDF615-625   

    Human-Elephant confict in Tumkur district, TN, India
    Sridevi SN and Vijaya Reddy
    AbstractView in PDF  626-634

    Aeromycoflora of the Lake of Futala area, Nagpur (M.S.) India
    Akare Anjali and Bhajbhuje MN
    AbstractView in PDF         635-642

    Bio-chemical analysis of Cotugnia mohekarae n. sp. from Columba Livia intermedia
    Kale Sanjay S
    AbstractView in PDF       643-645

    Effect of Sildenafil citrate on spermatozoon of albino rat: A Electron Microscopic Study
    A Kondulkar SR
    AbstractView in PDF 646-648


    Histology of Seminiferous tubule of rat affected by Sildenafil Citrate
    Kondulkar SR
    Abstract View in PDF649-652




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