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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | June 2013

Page Nos. 81- 160

Date of Online 25 June 2013  

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1. Adaptability of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates of  pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.

     to different temperature and pH

Kaur Surinder, Chauhan Vijay Bahadur, Brar Satinder Kaur and Dhillon Gurpreet Singh

Page Nos. 81-88

Date of Online 25 June, 2013 

2. Change in seed index of fresh and infested Jatropha seeds

Srivastava Seweta, Singh Vinit Pratap, Gupta Gorakh and  Nathand Sinha Asha

Page Nos. 89-92

Date of Online 25 June, 2013 

3. Ethno-medicinal survey for wound healing plants from rural area of Nagpur 

Bhajbhuje MN

Page Nos. 93-109

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

4. Ethnobotanical survey of some medicinal trees from Deori Taluka , Gondia dist. (M.S) 

Ghoshal KP, MeshramSM  and Akare SM

Page Nos. 110-114

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

5. Productivity and nutrient composition of four popular varieties of fodder Jowar.

Bendre KB  and Rathod MM 

Page Nos. 1115-118

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

6.  Development of mesonephros in paddle staged embryo of Hipposideros Speoris 

     (Schnider), Chiroptera; Mammalia.

Patil Kishor Gopal

Page Nos. 119-122.

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

7.  Formation of Primordial Germ Cells (PGCS) in the Labeo rohita (Ham)

Gadekar GP  and  Baile V V

Page Nos. 123-132

Date of online 25 June 2013

8. The effects of chloroform extract of Psoralea corylifolia seed on reproductive

     abilities of male albino rats

Dabhadkar DK, Zade VS, Dhore MM and Patil SS

Page Nos. 133-142

Date of Online 25 June, 2013 

9.  Biochemical estimation of glycogen in the epididymis during the reproductive cycle 

     of Rhinolophid bat Hipposideros speoris (Schneider)

Janbandhu Kishor S, Patil Kishor G and Shende Virendra A

Page Nos. 143-148

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

10. Macrophytes as a heavy metal scavengers at MIDC effluent stream

Narkhedkar  VR   and  Manik  SR

Page Nos. 149-153

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

11. Variation of soil pH with different Binary solution

Joshi Kalpana G  and Ingale Sumedh S

Page Nos. 154-157

Date of Online 25 June, 2013

12. Effect of EMS (Ethyl Methane Sulfonate) on Seed Germination, 

      Seedling Height and Seedling Injury in Withania somnifera, (L.) Dunal

Bhosale RS  and   More  AD

Page Nos. 158-160

Date of Online 25 june 2013




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