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VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 3 |  September 2013 

Page Nos. 161- 240

Date of Online 25 September, 2013         

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  1. Incidence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal and Dark Septate Fungal association in                       

      Dioscorea species 

Maggirwar RC, Tayde SS, Khodke SP, Deotare PW and Hedawoo GB

Page Nos. 161-164

Date of Online: 25 September, 2013 

2. Biodiversity of mycoflora in storage of Solanum melongena L. seeds

Bhajbhuje MN

Page Nos. 165-181

Date of Online 25 September, 2013 

3. Antimicrobial activity of Moringa oleifera and its synergism with Cleome viscosa

Patil SD and  Jane Rasika

Page Nos. 182-189

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

4. Post harvest diseases of fruits caused by fungi during storage in Cachar Distrct, Assam

Thiyam Benkee and Sharma GD
Page Nos. 190-192

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

5. Comprehensive study of organogenesis during embryonic development of                           Japanese Quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica

Jyoti Ramteke, Pravin Charde, Suresh Zade and 

Rucha Gabhane
Page Nos. 193-197

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

6. The effect of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate on adrenal gland of Indian Palm                       Squirrel Funambulus pennati (Wroughton)

Pradhan VP

Page Nos. 198-201.

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

7. Fluoride distribution in drinking water and dental fluorosis in children residing 

    in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra

Marganwar Ragini, Dhurvey Varsha, Kodate Jaya and 

Urkude Rashmi

Page Nos. 202-206

Date of online 25 September, 2013

8. A study on seasonal variation of physico-chemical properties in some freshwater lotic           ecosystems in Gadchiroli District Maharashtra 

Bhandarkar SV and Bhandarkar WR

Page Nos. 207-215

Date of Online 25 September, 2013 

9. Use of participatory method in preparation of inventory of economically and 

    medicinally important plants

Jakhi  PS  and Kalkar  SA

Page Nos. 216-220

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

10. A new petrified unilocular fruit from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of 

     Jamsavli M.P. India

Meshram SM, Narkhede SD and Bhowal M
Page Nos. 221-225

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

11.Effect of Mutagen on Pollen Sterility in Withania somnifera Dunal.                              (Ashwagandha) 

Bhosale RS and More AD

Page Nos. 226-227

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

12. Correlation between mite population (Aceria cajani) and environmental factors

      causing sterility mosaic disease of Pigeon pea

Kaushik Dipshikha, Srivastava Seweta, Nath Bharat Chandra, Chauhan VB and Singh RN

Page Nos. 228-232

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

13. A morpho-genetic study of Badhiya Muslims of Purnia District (Bihar), India

Pandey BN, Jahangeer MD and Mall Priyanka

Page Nos. 233-238

Date of Online 25 September, 2013

14.  An observation of courtship behavior of Gallinula chloropus

Dhande Abhishek R 

Page Nos. 239-240

Date of Online 25 September, 2013




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